Independent candidate Skye Farnam is challenging incumbent Greg Barreto for State Representative of District 58. Farnam believes some compromises need to be made for the good of the district, the state and the country.

Farnam, 38, who was born and resides in Summerville, is a private contractor for Terraform Landscaping.

Farnam said society has become so divided with the political spectrum of Republican or Democrat that nothing is getting done.

“(Politicians) are being polarized by money,” he said. “We need to meet in the middle.”

Farnam said the Independent Party is the best option in today’s charged political climate. “Meeting in the middle” is where issues can be discussed, decisions can be made and all sides can get a bit of what they want.

Farnam said this is the first time he’s campaigned for a position, besides running for the Imbler Fire District board, but he finds that to be a benefit.

“I don’t have a political background,” he said as a positive argument. “Being the Independent candidate is better than Republican or Democrat because I can make an informed decision.”

Farnam said he doesn’t take money for his campaign because it’s about the conversations.

“It’s more than just about party allegiance,” he said. “Guns, abortion and immigration are our major issues. We’re the freest and safest people in the world but we’re divided by issues that threaten our freedom and safety.”

Farnam said without compromise, the nation will remain divided, and that threatens public safety.

“This divisiveness is tearing our country apart,” he said. “It’s tearing apart families, our community and the country as a whole. It’s a security issue.”

Farnam’s top three priorities are health care, education and security.

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