An 11.6-acre lot on Buchanan Lane can now be sold in three parcels.

Island City’s city council on Monday approved an application for a partition of the lot at 62872 Buchanan Lane, creating three parcels that can now be sold separately. One parcel is 9.2 acres, one is 1.8 acres, and the third is 0.6 of an acre.

The application was made Phil Peterson, the owner of the land. Peterson told the city council at a hearing at the beginning of the council meeting that he applied for the partition because a man to whom he rents a portion of his land is interested in purchasing it. Without the partition approval, the renter would not have been able to purchase the land he now rents from Peterson without buying the entire 11.6-acre lot.

Nobody spoke in opposition to the partition application at Monday’s hearing.

The city council approved the partition on the condition that recommendations by Jesse Winterowd, who is contracted to serve as the City of Island City’s planning director, be followed. A number of the conditions of approval concerned protecting a riparian area on the 11.6-acre lot. One recommendation adopted prohibits anyone from parking, storing materials or dumping materials in the riparian area.

Another staff recommendation adopted calls for steps to be taken to ensure private well water on the land remains separate from the city’s water system. This will allow landowners and the City of Island City to comply with state drinking water rules.

In other matters at Monday’s meeting, the city council reviewed its monthly report of the service it receives from the Union County Sheriff’s Office. The council receives a monthly report from the sheriff’s office because Island City has a contract with the law enforcement agency for enhanced services.

The report indicated that in June, sheriff’s office deputies made five arrests, issued seven traffic citations and gave 18 warnings. During June, deputies provided 104.5 hours of service in Island City. The report stated that 55.8% of the service hours were for patrols, 8.7% for traffic enforcement, 12.3% for reports and 23.1% for investigations.