Sabrina Thompson, The Observer

Jacki Mulhair, who fell from Indian Rock Overlook July 15 after sitting near the edge, has been transferred to Regency Hermiston Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where she will spend the next three months recovering from her injuries.

Since her fall, the 34-year-old La Grande woman has had multiple surgeries at Kadlec Hospital in Richland, Washington, to repair her broken leg and hip.

When her family asked what she is going to do about the rod in her leg, which broke in three places, Mulhair responded, “I’m going to dance it off,”,according to Nicole Mulhair, Jacki’s sister.

Mulhair will have to use a wheelchair during the next few months, but her family and doctors are hoping she will be able to use a walker as well. Since the swelling has gone down, the full extent of her injuries has been evaluated, and the only injury not previously found was a fracture to her wrist, according to the doctors at Kadlec Hospital. Doctors said Mulhair is also having some memory issues.

“She is a strong person with a lot of will and fight in her,” Nicole said.

The family created a GoFundMe page to help offset the medical costs and other expenses while Mulhair is unable to work. The campaign has gone viral on social media and as of today has raised $1,150 of its $9,000 goal, according to the GoFundMe page. Money has gone toward Jacki’s cellphone service, storage unit fees and towing her car, which could not be moved because the keys are missing, possibly lost in the fall.

Jacki has been able to see her two children now that the healing has begun. They are staying with family while she recovers but Nicole said when the children visited, that was the happiest she had seen her sister since arriving at the hospital.

“It was a smile on my sister’s face that I have never seen before,” Nicole said.