Bethany Freudenthal

ELGIN — During the public comment session at Tuesday’s City Council meeting in Elgin, resident Cherrie Swisher addressed the council regarding dump fees.

“I’m asking for a discussion about dump fees, only because I think there needs to be another level for people,” Swisher said. “I’ve actually checked with the state to see what other people charge. There’s no consistency.”

Swisher said she personally didn’t have a problem with the current charge of $11 per load up to 200 pounds. She said there are Elgin residents, though, who don’t generate that much garbage. She said for those residents who don’t generate that much trash, the fee can be a hardship.

“It doesn’t seem quite fair,” she said.

Swisher told the council she once took 80 pounds of trash that was generated from three homes, and paid the $11 dump fee. She said the fee is encouraging people to burn or stockpile their trash, because they might not have a way to transport it.

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