Michael Byrne is out to unseat Congressman Greg Walden as the U.S. Representative for Oregon’s second congressional district.

Byrne said he doesn’t believe Walden represents the actual people in his district.

“The reason I’m a Democrat is because Walden is a Republican,” Byrne said. “(The people here) don’t have a representative. I grew up (in The Dalles). I was a Little League coach, a soccer coach and basketball coach. I’ve done every job and had many different experiences.”

Byrne pointed out that he’s not a lawyer or a career politician.

“I’m a regular person,” he said. “My perspective is I know how it works, because I’m on the ground.”

If elected, Byrne said, during his first term he’d get in touch with people who feel the same way he feels about an issue so that he would have a stronger voice.

“I believe in small government,” he said. “I believe in competency and having a heart. It’s not about money or rewarding the rich donors.”

He said he filed to run against Walden because he realized that someone had to do something.

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