The Oregon Department of Transportation reported that its snowplows have been struck by cars or trucks five times on Interstate 84 between Ontario and Meacham since snow first hit the region about two months ago.

The number of collisions to date is normal for this time of the winter, said Ace Clark, ODOT’s District 13 manager.

“It is not unusual,” he said. “Our snowplows are hit every year.”

Fortunately nobody has been injured in the collisions, but some have caused extensive damage. At least one of the vehicles that hit a snowplow had to be towed from the scene, and several times repair work has had to be done on the snowplows at the ODOT shops after collisions, Clark said.

The most recent collision occurred on Christmas Day near Meacham when a car bounced off a snowplow and then collided with an Oregon State Police vehicle.

For the complete story, see the Jan. 3, edition of The Observer.