Alyssa Sutton

Have you ever tried marching while simultaneously reading the alphabet out loud? How about marching while saying the alphabet backward?

It sounds difficult, and maybe a little silly, but exercises like these are useful, according to Dr. D.C. Winkelman, an expert in cognitive brain training.

Combining movement with using the five senses, such as seeing and hearing, is meant to fire up the the human brain, said Dr. Winkelman, who adds a sixth sense — the kinesthetic sense.

“Without it you would be a prisoner in your own body,” he said.

Winkelman, who has been “training the brain since 1964,” according to a press release, is the consultant for Winkelman’s Educational Solutions, which has offices located in Enterprise and La Grande. His daughter, Mary Ellen Russell, is the educational director.

Russell decided to continue her father’s work in 2015, when her own son was having difficulties completing work in school.

“I had been raised around the program,” Russell said. “So I asked (my father), who at the time was semi-retired, to help.”

Now Russell oversees the program, which is offered at both offices. The Winkelman’s Educational Solutions’ Facebook page describes the facilities as “training center(s) geared toward individuals and families looking to overcome information processing challenges.”

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