Katy Nesbitt
The La Grande Observer

ENTERPRISE — A northern Wallowa County cattle herd was attacked by wolves in three different incidents last week.

Around 4 p.m., June 12, Wallowa County rancher Rod Childers said he was building a fence washed out by a recent flood on Joseph Creek when he saw a gray wolf with a black spot. He said he fired a warning shot and didn’t see any sign of wolves until the next morning when he saw two wolves near his herd.

An Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife report released June 18 stated when Childers checked his cattle last week he found two injured 200-pound calves in a large creek-bottom pasture on private land. Both calves had multiple open wounds on its hind legs. The calves were taken to a veterinarian for treatment. A Fish and Wildlife biologist investigated the injuries the same day and estimated the calves were wounded during two attacks between 12 and 48 hours earlier, based on the age of the injuries.

Bite marks and large open wounds were found on the inside, back, and outside of the rear legs above the hocks. Muscle tissue trauma was associated with the bite marks.

Veterinarian Dave Schaeffer of Arrowhead Clinic said he didn’t think the first two calves would survive their injuries.

Childers said after the wounds were treated at the veterinary clinic, he took the calves back to Joseph Creek and penned them in a corral. On his return, two cows and four calves were running up the road — one calf displaying a fresh injury.

“I think we scared (the wolf) off,” Childers said.

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