UNION COUNTY —A request to create a new rock quarry located near Interstate 84 east of Perry may go in front of the Union County Planning Commission next month.

James Smejkal, of Brookings, has applied for what is being termed as a new 250-acre rock quarry site. So far, the application submitted to the planning department is not complete, and the first meeting to discuss the proposal won’t be until Aug. 27, according to Union County Planning Director Scott Hartell.

He said the entire application must be submitted by Aug. 13 in order for the commission to consider it next month. There is no staff report yet because the application is not complete.

In the application, obtained by The Observer, Smejkal requests approval to construct a rail spur and begin aggregate processing of the rock that includes light crushing, screening, washing and stockpiling to be able to export the finished product exclusively through the rail for industrial development.

Hartell said technically there are two small previous quarry sites at this location but this proposal is being considered a new site.

A big game management plan has yet to be submitted to the department, Hartell said.

In the application that has been submitted, Smejkal mentions he is committed to entering a “habitat conservation easement of up to 4,724 acres with the Oregon Mule Deer Foundation, in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to preserve critical elk and mule deer habitat in the region on the property … and commonly referred to as the ‘ponderosa.’”

According to the application, the project area will be located primarily within undeveloped timber and grazing areas.

The closest homes or businesses are more than 2,700 feet away. Operations will be between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and any blasting required will be conducted on a published schedule and will occur between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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