Teressa Dewey will soon begin her second term on the Imbler City Council — more than two decades after completing her first.

Dewey won the race for Position 5 on the Imbler City Council Tuesday, defeating Terry Clinkenbeard 142 to 29, according to unofficial results from the Union County Clerk’s Office.

Dewey will succeed Herman Ortman, who did not file for re-election.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to serve the community. I want to get in there and work on some things I believe need to be worked on,” she said.

Dewey previously served on the city council for four years in the 1990s. She grew up in Summerville and has lived in Imbler for 32 years. Dewey has served as the Imbler School District’s deputy clerk for 21 years.

She said one of her focuses will be on Imbler’s animal control ordinance, which she believes needs to be consolidated. The City of Imbler currently has two animal control ordinances, and Dewey said during her campaign they should be combined into one, a belief that inspired her to file for an opening on the Imbler City Council.

Dewey said the two animal control ordinances create confusion because they apply to different parts of the city. This means animal control rules vary in different parts of Imbler.

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