Katy Nesbitt
The La Grande Observer

ENTERPRISE — Oregon State Police are investigating a possible poaching incident following the discovery of the remains of a bull moose in the Chesnimnus Unit in northern Wallowa County.

On Nov. 11 Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was contacted by a local rancher who informed them of the discovery of a partial bull moose carcass on a U.S. Forest Service grazing allotment near Tipi Pond off Forest Road 46. The rancher took a GPS coordinate of the site, aiding Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Mark Knapp to easily find the scene for a thorough investigation on Nov. 12.

Knapp said roughly a quarter of the moose was left behind, including enough evidence to identify it as a male. Knapp said he saw footprints from the site of the carcass leading to an unattended hunter’s camp between 75 and 100 yards away along with tracks from a UTV/side-by-side he said he believed was used to transport the moose meat from where it was killed to the camp.

The moose was killed the last weekend of the county’s second bull elk season and hunters who were in the area have been questioned to gather more information, Knapp said.

Only 50 to 60 moose reside in Wallowa County and it is illegal to hunt them.

Knapp said the Oregon State Police is asking for additional information from members of the public. The state “Turn in Poachers” line is 800-452-7888 or Knapp can be contacted at 541-426-3049. Anyone who provides information leading to an arrest or citation will be rewarded with five hunting tag preference points by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.