Island City’s city council voted Monday to pay Anderson Perry and Associates an additional $15,000 for engineering costs connected to the city’s $2.9 million water improvement project.

“Engineering costs were more than anticipated,” said City Recorder Karen Howton.

The city will pay for the additional engineering expenses with money from the $2.9 million loan it received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the water improvement project.

Engineering work done by Anderson and Perry helped with projects like the building of the McAlister Road well, which was completed 1-1/2 years ago. The new well, named Well #5, is now providing Island City with about half of its water. The 520-foot well provides water for a 760,000-gallon welded-steel reservoir at the site. It complements Island City’s Walton Road well, named Well #4. The city is now running each well for two-week periods on an alternating basis.

Howton said having two wells will put the city in a better position to accommodate the future needs of its growing population.

Well work is just a portion of the water system improvement project. Aging water pipes and the installation of new pipelines and routes in the north portion of Island City also have been done as part of the project.

The water improvement project was recently completed, about four years ago after it began.

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