Ken Wisdom, the chief petitioner for Union County’s Second Amendment ordinance, asked the commissioners to approve the updated version of the ordinance that was passed in November 2018.

On Wednesday, the commissioners heard from Wisdom who said the passed ordinance was written in 2016. The updated one he presented to them was from 2018.

Wisdom said the significant changes include changing the county to a Second Amendment Sanctuary county. The new ordinance also states the local governments have the “legal authority to refuse to cooperate with state and federal firearm laws that violate (Second Amendment) rights.”

Wisdom also said the ordinance takes the sheriff “completely out of the equation.”

He said Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen supports the Second Amendment, but if there were another to replace him who did not plan to uphold the amendment then this ordinance will be able to protect its community.

The commissioners will decide whether to pass the updated ordinance in a future meeting.

The 2019 census is also right around the corner and Sarah Bushore, the partnership specialist for Oregon, presented to the commissioners about what to expect — and how the county can help move the process along.

Bushore has been traveling across the state to tell the communities about the importance of the census, which occurs every 10 years.

Each state is responsible for gathering the necessary information and in Oregon, there will be approximately 1,100 people working to collect the information.

She added there will be jobs locally available to those who apply and can pass a background check.

The census is important, she said, because it’s the information collected that determines low-income need, school lunches for students, maintenance of roads, etc. It’s federal information that shows the state’s — and each community’s need — for programs and grants.

The census will consist of 11 questions for every household to answer for every member of the household.

Bushore said many people are leery about giving information to the census takers and she wants people to know their fears are unfounded.

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