Francisca Benitez

CHD is hosting a unique Easter egg hunt for teens and young adults. The hunt is not only a fun way to score a couple of free Antlers Espresso coffees, but it’s also a way for CHD to get the word out about its reproductive health services.

Every day at 9 a.m. since April 12, CHD has posted a hint on its social media pages that leads to the location of a virtual Easter egg somewhere on the CHD website. When clicked, that image leads to the location of a physical Easter egg hidden in Union County. The finder of the plastic egg can redeem the voucher inside CHD for a $10 dollar gift card to Antlers Espresso. Each Easter egg also contains a list of the services offered at the health center.

Avery Stanton, who created the hunt, said most of the eggs have been hidden in La Grande, but she hinted at least one will be hidden elsewhere in Union County before the event is over.

The hunt was created as a way to get information about CHD’s reproductive health services to young people in the community. CBS news reported STDs have been on the rise in the U.S. for years and are now at crisis levels. The Observer previously reported known cases of STDs in Union County have been increasing for five consecutive years.

Stanton created the hunt as part of her Capstone project for her degree at Eastern Oregon University, where she is majoring in communications and business administration. She said the idea of the hunt is to get people to engage with CHD, both online and in person.

“It gets people on our website, on our social media and in our doors,” she said.

The public health team at CHD helped Stanton get the project rolling.

The hope is that people going to CHD’s social media, website and office for the hunt might notice some services they can take advantage of, such as STD testing and prevention, birth control and free condoms.

Stanton said CHD has been reaching out to young people in the community in a variety of ways, but when young people seemed hesitant to come up to a physical booth at previous events, she realized that the best way to get the word out might be through social media. That’s how she came up with the idea for the Easter egg hunt.

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