Sabrina Thompson, The Observer

Following the recent publication of the second book in his Alistair Coronet series, EOU graduate and author Jordan Wallis will be giving select readings and signing books at Looking Glass Books, 1304 Adams Ave., La Grande, at 2 p.m. Saturday.

“I was really glad I got an opportunity to work with them again,” Wallis said of Chuck and Angie Peters, owners of Looking Glass Books. “I hadn’t seen and talked with them in a while.”

Wallis’ series follows Witherton Ashurbanipal, a professor of anthropology, and his arcane adventures with English Lord Alistair Coronet as they hunt and protect people from creatures and beings in folklore. In his first book, “Alistair Coronet and the Woven Cave,” readers were introduced to the characters and their world. His newest book, “Alistair Coronet and the Unicorn’s Mare,” continues their adventures with new characters and stories.

Wallis, from Burns, published the novels through Amazon after facing rejection letters from traditional publishers. After graduating he moved out of La Grande, but is returning for the book signing.

Since self-publishing, Wallis has gained a strong readership. He has sold 53 physical copies, 120 digital copies and had more than 500 downloads during a giveaway. Wallis said although his audience is relatively small, he has received only positive feedback.

“Jordan Wallis brings his characters to life and takes the reader through an adventure with a dramatic conclusion,” reader Matthew Baxter said in his Amazon review. “A sweeping story that is both spellbinding and tense. It moves through the pages at breakneck speed toward an inevitable final confrontation between Alistair and the evil within.”

Wallis was inspired to begin his series while working with his mother’s writers group, the Harney Basin Writers. Wallis was giving feedback on the writing group’s stories when he decided to write something for them. That little blurb expanded to become the first book.

“I got about three-quarters of the way through it and my brother told me, ‘If you don’t finish this, I’m going to smack you,’” Wallis said. “I was reading it to my family as I went. They said, ‘You really should publish this.’”

Though he began studying computer programming at EOU, he ended with a degree in theater arts with a focus on playwriting. According to him, this background has helped him create believable characters.

He is currently working on the third book in the series, . He has a total of seven books planned for the series’ overarching narrative.

“Having authors come gives them a chance for exposure,” Chuck Peters said. “When people listen to authors talk about their books, it’s more intimate.”