Awning falls

The awning fell Wednesday night from building that houses Peak Lifestyle Studio in downtown La Grande, taking a portion of the exterior wall with it.

LA GRANDE — The awning that protects the entrance to Peak Lifestyle Studio in downtown La Grande fell Wednesday night, taking part of the building's facade with it.

The first song was playing at a power yoga class in the studio around 5:40 p.m. when the awning on the building at 1118 Adams Ave. came down.

"The sound was pretty epic," said Colleen McIntosh, owner of Peak Lifestyle Studio. "We all heard it and rushed to the front of the building to make sure no one was under it. When we saw no one was hurt, we went back to the class because there was nothing we could do." 

Two trees kept the structure from falling into the street or onto vehicles. 

McIntosh said the cause of the damage was likely due to heavy snow and rainfall putting too much strain on the structure. She recommended businesses with awnings clear them off as soon as possible. 

The studio opened in the space that used to house Looking Glass Books and Jax Dog Cafe in September 2019. Ashley O'Toole of John Howard and Associates Real Estate manages the property, which Island City resident Mary McCracken owns. The building is within La Grande's historical building district. O'Toole and McCracken are helping McIntosh work with the city to have the wall repaired.

Workers cleared the debris Thursday. McIntosh said classes will continue as normal at the studio. 

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