SALEM — Gov. Kate Brown submitted a list of state board and commission appointments to the Oregon Senate for confirmation and five Union County residents are up for consideration.

Danny Bailey, a scholarship coordinator at Eastern Oregon University, and Maurizio Valerio, a field coordinator with The Ford Family Foundation, were reappointed to the Eastern Oregon University Board of Trustees. Bailey’s appointment is for a two-year term, ending in 2024, and Valerio’s appointment is a four-year term until 2026. Bailey is from La Grande, while Valerio is from Union.

“I am committed to ensuring that all boards and commissions represent the growing age, racial, and gender diversity of our state,” Brown said. “Our policies, programs, and initiatives are stronger when diverse perspectives have been at the table, helping to craft them. I appreciate the willingness of all these nominees to help us build a safe, strong, just and equitable Oregon for all.”

Holly Sorensen, of La Grande, was appointed to a two-year term on the Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Committee. Sorensen is an outreach program manager from Northeast Oregon Network.

Kevin Loveland, of La Grande, was appointed to a four-year term on the Mortuary and Cemetery Board. Loveland is the owner of Loveland Funeral Chapel, La Grande.

Dwight Dill, of La Grande, was reappointed to a partial two-year term on the Task Force on Universal Health Care. Dill is the mental health director at Center for Human Development.

One Wallowa County resident was also on Brown’s list. Liza Jane McAlister, of Enterprise, was reappointed to a four-year term as a public member of the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. McAlister is currently the co-chair of the board. She is the owner of the 6 Ranch, a Wallowa County Century Ranch established in 1884.

Rules Committee is scheduled to consider the nominations in February.

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