Sophia Thornburg 1

Sophia Thornburg presents to a group about stereotypes of women during a trip to New York City.

Four members of Union County Girl Scout Troop 50145 had the chance to travel to New York City to celebrate International Day of the Girl Child at the United Nations on Oct. 11. The girls spent two days at the U.N. learning about its role in the world. The youngest only participated in the second day due to her age. 

The first day of the trip, the girls toured the U.N. and met with ambassadors and other girls who participated in the event. 

“It was something we heard about through Girl Scouts,” troop leader and mother to two of the girls, Angela D’Antonio, said. “It is a great opportunity. It is not every day you can meet people and see the U.N., and Girl Scouts is an international organization so the girls got to meet people from all over the world.”

On the second day of the trip the girls took part in a mock-U.N. general assembly by choosing a country and researching it in small groups. The girls then took their findings and presented them, acting as a representative of the country they selected. 

“I learned a lot about the Security Council and made a lot of new friends,” one of the girls from the troop, Miri Koltuv, said.  

“My favorite part was being able to see where the General Assembly and Security Council meet and see the large number of countries represented,” another girl from the troop, Sophia Thornburg, said.

Olivia Thornburg

Olivia Thornburg represented New Zealand at Mock U.N.

“I enjoyed meeting all of the new people from different places in the country and the world,” Olivia Thornburg, another troop member, said. 

This year’s theme for the event was titled, “Unscripted, unstoppable” to celebrate the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action was made in 1995 at the fourth annual World Conference on Women held in Beijing. The declaration outlined the steps that all nations can and should make toward gender equality, according to the United Nations website. Girl Scouts are invited to participate in this event at the U.N., as the organization is one that helps in achieving the goals set out in the fight toward equality. 

Girl Scouts is an opportunity for young women to learn about the world around them starting in kindergarten and ending with the 12th grade. The Service Unit for the area includes troops in Baker, Union and Wallowa counties. 

“In a community this size and in this rural area Girl Scouts gives girls an opportunity they might not have otherwise had,” D’Antonio said. 

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