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Ziply Fiber last week announced its plans to bring its high-speed network to Enterprise and hopes to connect businesses and homes in the community by the end of the summer.

ENTERPRISE — Enterprise residents will have a high-speed internet option in place by the end of the summer.

The company that bought out Frontier Communications last year, Ziply Fiber, recently announced plans to extend “gig-speed” fiber internet to Enterprise, one of 22 markets it plans to get into this year, according to a press release.

Construction is ongoing in and around Enterprise, and company COO Brian Stading said he anticipates Ziply enabling some 1,300 homes and businesses in the town with the fiber optic option this year.

“This is a brand-new move for Enterprise,” he said. “We are currently constructing (the network). We have the process going on to light up businesses and homes in Enterprise.”

Stading said part of getting the fiber into Wallowa County includes connecting the isolated area to regions where the network is already in place.

“We have to expand our fiber backbone that connects Enterprise to other markets,” he said. “We basically have to expand our fiber network into Enterprise and then add additional equipment that makes the fiber work.”

The COO added there are some fiber connections in place in the town, and efforts are in place to improve what is there too.

“We basically are working on that as well,” he said.

A 1-gig speed option will be among those made available once the fiber is laid — one that is 10 times faster than Ziply’s next-highest option of 100-megabyte service.

“Put it this way: It’s a lot of speed,” Stading said.

Stading said the hope is for Ziply to be connected to the entire town by the end of the summer. From there, the company can look at its options on potential expansion into the rest of the county.

“Once we build out Enterprise, it allows us to look further out once we are there and see what makes sense,” Stading said.

Ziply’s expansion is adding a component Stading indicated is vital to the area.

“Broadband is imperative to people’s lives,” he said. “We think that (it) will hopefully provide a huge economic benefit to Enterprise.”

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