“Netiitelwit” (Human Being) Series, No.1, Phillip Cash Cash

“Netiitelwit” (Human Being) Series, No. 1, is by Phillip Cash Cash, who is Cayuse-Nez Perce. Cash Cash and other Nez Perce artists will be celebrated at an event Friday, July 23, 2021, at the Josephy Center in Joseph.

JOSEPH — A small celebration will take place to feature Nez Perce artists at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph on Friday, July 23.

The 7 p.m. celebration will feature artists Kellen Trenal and Phillip Cash Cash, writer Beth Piatote and other Nez Perce writers and speakers who will read and reflect on their own work as it relates to maps, words and images of the current exhibit, “Nez Perce Treaties and Reservation, 1855-Present.”

"Treatyz" by Kellen Trenal

According to a press release, Trenal is a multitalented performance and visual artist, a master beadworker and podcaster. Cash Cash, who co-authored a book of area place names, is Cayuse-Nez Perce and enrolled on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Beth Piatote has written poems, plays and academic texts about the Indian experience.

"Beadworkers" by Beth Piatote book cover

Along with other Nez Perce speakers, they are spending a week in their own “language camp” in the land of their grandparents.

The “Nez Perce Treaties and Reservation” exhibit runs through July 26. View a virtual preview at www.josephy.org/event/nez-perce-treaties-reservation.

Donations are appreciated but there is no charge for Friday’s in-person event, held at the Josephy Center, 403 N. Main St., Joseph.

People who attend the gathering may also purchase books and artwork.

Call Rich Wandschneider at 541-432-0505 for more information.

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