DAVENPORT, Wash. — The National UFO Reporting Center’s online database of UFO reports shows sightings in Oregon zoomed up in 2020 compared to the year before.

The database shows 54 reports for Oregon from January to July in 2019. This year through the same span, the database lists 154 reports.

At least 30 reports, however, could have been of Starlink, the constellation of satellites SpaceX constructed to provide satellite access. Even then, the number of reports more than doubled from the same span in 2019.

Two of the reports came in July in northeast Oregon.

One person reported he and his wife were driving July 21 at midnight on Interstate 84 near Baker City when two blue/green lights began pacing their vehicle at 85 mph. The lights flew side by side, according to the report, and each was about 12 inches by 12 inches.

The lights zoomed to 95-100 mph as he passed a semi and then fell back behind the big rig. Then he and his wife discussed what they saw, and he slowed to allow the semi to pass.

“And there was nothing behind it at all,” the report stated. “In fact just the two of us on the road as far behind as I could see. Miles of nothing but dark behind us.”

And a Cove couple reported seeing a UFO for two minutes the evening of July 24.

They were driving west on I-84 near milepost 278 at about 8:45 p.m., according to the report, when they watched “an orange translucent orb stationary” above the Blue Mountains.

“My wife and I are both prior military,” the report stated. “Never have we seen anything like this and had to share with you. I’ve never ever reported anything like this either.”

The couple also reported they emailed the center a link to the video of the object. The video was not available with the online report.

The National UFO Reporting Center operates out of bunker in a former nuclear missile site near Davenport, Washington, about 50 west of Spokane.

To find out more about the center, visit www.nuforc.org/.

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