Union United Methodist Church chapel

The United Methodist Church in Union awaits new life as the nonprofit Friends of the Historic Union Community Hall received a $5,000 grant to study the feasibility of converting the church into a new communtiy center.

LA GRANDE — The Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall announced on Sunday it received a $5,000 technical assistance grant from The Ford Family Foundation to help establish the former Union United Methodist Church into a community and arts center.

The newly formed nonprofit in Union working to establish the former church into a community and arts center. Cherie Kausler with organization said the fund could arrive this week.

“We’re pretty excited,” she said.

The former Union United Methodist Church, with its outstanding stained glass windows and unique wood-adorned chapel, has been a center for the community for more than 100 years. In addition to church services, the building has been made available to the public for events, classes, weddings and more until its closure in 2019.

Saving the landmark building on Union’s Main Street from deterioration will be a monumental task, according to the press release from the Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall.

The local nonprofit formed after a signature drive in Union resulted in a significant number of community members demonstrating support for the creation of a community and arts center.

Kausler said the technical assistance grant will cover the cost of a feasibility study about the purchase and sustainability of converting the old church into a community center.

The organization also reported it is in search of stories and photos about the former Union United Methodist Church. If you have any, email image and stories to HistoricUnionCommunityHall@gmail.com.

For more information about The Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall or to support please see https://historicunioncommunityhall.blogspot.com/ or email Historic UnionCommunityHall@gmail.com.

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