Investigation leads to seizing venomous snakes from Boise residence

BOISE — The Idaho Department of Fish and Game reported a lengthy investigation culminated in seizing nearly three dozen venomous snakes from a Boise home.

While many of the specimens were Great Basin rattlesnakes — a species native to Idaho — many others were exotic species from Southeast Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

Armed with a search warrant, according to the press release from state fish and game department, IDFG regional conservation officer Charlie Justus, together with several other IDFG conservation officers, and Boise Police Department officers, conducted the search on Sept. 5.

“We were more than a bit surprised by what we discovered,” Justus noted.

Among the snakes the officers seized were an Indian cobra, an Indochina spitting cobra, a flat-nosed pit viper, two Vogel’s pit vipers, two Cape coral cobras, two hog-nosed pit vipers, a green bush viper, a zebra spitting cobra, two monocled cobras and a massasauga rattlesnake.

Charges against the 25-year-old suspect have yet to be filed, pending review of the evidence.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game regulates exotic reptiles and amphibians, in some cases needing both an import permit and a health certificate from a veterinarian.

“If you can purchase a specimen at the local pet store, no permit is needed,” Justus explained in the press release. “If you are looking to purchase a specimen online or from an out of state retailer, it’s best to ask IDFG first.”

Wild-caught specimens from other states need a permit and certificate prior to importation into Idaho. In this case, according to Idaho Fish and Game, the suspect had neither document for any of the snakes in his possession. Collection of reptiles and amphibians in Idaho requires a valid hunting license.

“The environmental concerns with exotic wildlife species are many,” according to the press release. “Should an exotic escape, or be intentionally released, they can compete directly with native species for food and/or habitat. Both Florida and Hawaii are replete with examples of exotics outcompeting and threatening native species with extinction.”

Disease transmission and genetic contamination via cross-breeding also are concerns.

Freeing snakes.jpg

Snake catcher Steven Brown of Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation in Australia frees two pythons that recently crashed through a home in the rural communtiy of Laceys Creek.

Big snakes crash into kitchen

BRISBANE, Australia — A pair of big snakes made a big entrance recently into a rural Australian home.

Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation reported it received a call Aug. 30 from a resdient in Laceys Creek, a rural community about an hour’s drive northwest of the city of Brisbane, who found two large coastal carpet pythons in his house.

Snakes crash through ceiling .jpg

Ceiling material litters the kitchen in this rural this Australian home where two large pythons recently fell through.

Snake catcher Steven Brown responded to help.

“Wasn’t ‘till I got there that I found they had come crashing through the customer’s ceiling in the kitchen,” according to Brown’s post on Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation’s Facebook page.

Brown reported he found one snake next to the front door and the other in a bedroom of the old country home.

One snake was longer than 8 feet and the other more than 9.5 feet long, according to statements Brown told news sources. He said this is breeding season for the snakes, and these were probably two males fighting for a female.

To view more of the work the snake rescue operation, visit its Facebook page:

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