Aspen Springs

Lifeways closed its Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital in Hermiston after just six months in operation, but on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, reopened the building as a secure residential treatment facility.

HERMISTON — The former Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital in Hermiston has reopened as a secure residential treatment facility.

The 16-bed hospital closed in April, about seven months after it opened. The board of Lifeways, the community mental health provider that built the facility, stated they could not find the psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses needed to staff the building around the clock.

Lifeways announced Tuesday, May 4, that Aspen Springs is now accepting patients as a Class II Secured Residential Treatment Facility.

“The Lifeways Team appreciates all the support we have received from partners at all levels of care and community in Umatilla County and throughout the state,” the news release stated. “Lifeways remains dedicated to those needing a care team to walk by their side on their journey back to health and wellness. Thank you for your continued support during this transition.”

A psychiatric hospital provides the highest level of psychiatric care in the state, caring for individuals in the midst of an acute mental health crisis. A secure residential treatment facility also treats patients on an inpatient basis, but is a step down on the level of severity. Lifeways describes it as a place for community members ages 18 and older “seeking safe, supervised, short-term psychiatric recovery and stabilization.”

Services provided will include medication management, individual and group therapy, skills training and “wraparound” support for patients reintegrating back into the community.

Former Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital patients can access their records by contacting Julie Hyslop, medical records supervisor, at or 702 Sunset Drive in Ontario.

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