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Shannon Adair, owner of 1188 Brewing Company, John Day, said a to-go only model would not work for her establishment because brew pubs are too social of an environment.

JOHN DAY — The surge in COVID-19 cases has closed two restaurants in John Day.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, April 7, 1188 Brewing Company posted it would be closing temporarily due to exposure to COVID-19.

On Thursday, April 8, the Outpost Bar and Grill stated on its Facebook page it would close until Monday, possibly longer:

“We are sorry to announce that we are closed until Monday the 12th, maybe longer due to exposure. The safety of our community and our employees is #1. We are going to spend this time while closed cleaning and hope to be back as soon as possible.”

The Blue Mountain Eagle was unable to reach the Outpost for comment.

Shannon Adair, the owner of 1188, said “a couple” of employees tested positive and could have spread the virus to other staff members. If others test positive, she said, the restaurant could be closed until roughly April 17.

Adair said making the decision was not hard and she made the call within 15 minutes of hearing an employee tested positive.

“Even if I wanted to open, I don’t have enough staff, but I also don’t want anyone else in our community or anyone in the restaurant to get sick,” she said.

She said she takes COVID-19 seriously and believes the virus can have long-term effects on those who become infected and if she can reduce the risk of spreading it in the community, she will.

Adair said that some of her customers take the virus seriously and others do not.

For her part, as a business owner serving the public, she is making what, in her opinion, is the right decision.

Adair said regardless of how people feel about the virus, the breakneck pace of infections will ultimately close down the county. Adair said the people who tested positive did not get a COVID-19 test for a “random” reason.

“The people that I know that got tested got tested because they were sick,” she said. “And so I think we should be taking it seriously.”

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