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Oregon State Police trooper Levi Macy snapped this photo Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020, of a “displeased” llama in the road on Interstate 84 near Baker City. Macy kept watch over the animal until its owner was able to get it back onto the pickup from which it escaped.

BAKER CITY — Oregon State Police troopers train for plenty of circumstances, but llama wrangling may be a first.

Trooper Levi Macy was monitoring traffic Sunday, Oct. 11, on Interstate 84 near Baker City when around 7:20 a.m. he received a call from OSP dispatch for a llama in the road at exit 304.

“I got there and sure enough a displeased mama llama was lying on the onramp,” Macy stated via a post on the Oregon State Police Facebook account.

Macy said the llama’s owner was transporting three of the animals from Washington to Utah in the back of a short-bed pickup. A homemade livestock rack was not able to hold the llamas when the pickup took an uphill corner, and one of the animals ended up on the highway.

“Fortunately enough for the llama and myself, the speeds were slow, and traffic was minimal,” according to Macy.

The driver noticed the missing llama about a mile later, and when he stopped, Macy stated, the other two animals “bailed out, running free on the interstate.”

The owner bolted back to Macy and handed over a rope to hook to the llama’s harness, the trooper wrote.

“Mama llama refused to get up as you could see by her displeased facial expression … so I told him that I would llama sit, while he wrangled up the others.”

Macy also reported he snapped a photo of the llama “because in my tenure I’ve yet to be successful in catching the elusive I-84 llama.”

Soon enough, the trio of llamas was ready for the road, and “mama llama” received “some medication to ease her mama llama trauma,” Macy wrote.

Macy also issued the driver of the truck a warning for “operating with a leaking or shifting load.”

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