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Local Wildfires


Troy evacuation notice downgraded to Level 2, Flora to Level 1

Evacuation notices have been updated in the area of the Elbow Creek Fire, with some residents being given the OK to return home — though th… Read more

Oregon Wildfires


Fighting fire in own backyard brings it home

PROMISE — Fighting a wildfire is no easy task, but it becomes more meaningful when it’s in your own backyard. That’s what Jeff Weer said fr… Read more


Baker City man leading effort to stop nation’s biggest wildfire

Joe Hessel remembers when the Dooley Mountain fire, which burned 20,000 acres south of Baker City over several days, was a “giant” blaze. Read more


‘90-Day August’

Noel Livingston slides the cursor across the charts on his computer screen and what he sees, lurking behind the zig-zagging lines and the multiple colors, is trouble. Read more

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