To the Editor:

Grant Darrow wrote a My Voice column, “Adult diapers with that tantrum” (The Observer, Feb. 22), but Darrow doesn’t differentiate between tantrums and demonstrations.

Trump’s tantrums: sending crazy tweets daily, creating unsubstantiated lies and, with his petulant spoiled boy pout, jabbing that accusatory finger at his target of the moment.

On the other hand, demonstrations are organized, thoughtful expressions of concern. Informed Americans are demonstrating against anti-government Wall Streeters’ and religious zealots’ attempts to destroy America’s social order, civil rights, personal and religious freedom, privacy, economy and environment, to name a few. Dissension is a critical democratic right/responsibility.

Republicans cheer for a wall along the Mexican border. The wall will provide some temporary jobs, but the majority of our money will, as usual, become PROFITS for the 1 percent, Trump’s crowd.

War also generates corporate profits. Trump is proposing a huge increase in Pentagon spending. Trump’s Wall Street appointees and consultants profit handsomely from building weapons and contracting services for mass slaughtering around the world. Meanwhile, young Americans continue returning either dead or physically and mentally maimed. Waging war is our growth industry.

So, wars and walls are voted in. Medical care, education, family wage employment, renewable energy, sustainable environment and improved infrastructure are voted out.

Agencies meant to address environmental protection, medical care, employment, energy and housing investments are being gutted and underfunded. There’s no profit to the 1 percent in providing social justice or environmental sustainability. Our manufacturing sector has been drastically diminished by automation and corporate moves to countries with low wages and little environmental protection. Unregulated capitalism mandates maximizing
short-term profits.

Rather than demonstrate, Republicans thwarted Obama at every turn and brought government to a standstill. Which is the more respectful response to losing an election, compassionate demonstration or malicious obstruction?

Watch “Democracy Now” with Amy Goodman on TV or the internet. For background, read Thom Hartmann’s “Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class.” Then consider joining ongoing demonstrations in support of a government that values life and peace over profits.

Mary McCracken

Island City