Pachtman: Hypocrisy about nuclear storage plan

To the Editor:

Greg Walden wants to restart the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility. He blames the Obama administration for canceling the project, while Nevada has been against the project for as long as it has been proposed.

After all, would you want nuclear waste to be buried in your state? This is the height of hypocrisy that the politicians say “not in my backyard,” while promoting perhaps unsafe acts on someone else’s land.

We have had radioactive waste leach into aquifers in other instances, so why would anyone believe this won’t happen again. The DOE is now led by none other than Rick Perry, who I wouldn’t trust with a can of lighter fluid, let alone a nuclear waste project.

Alan Pachtman


Stadler: Walden isn’t representing his constituents

To the Editor:

Rep. Greg Walden was elected to act on behalf of his constituents, the American citizens who live in the 2nd District of Oregon. District residents have been calling for equitable health care, financial responsibility, and honest representation. Unfortunately, Mr. Walden has not listened to the Oregonians he represents and has failed to fulfill the duties of his position.

On May 4, Mr. Walden voted for H.R. 1628, a revised version of the American Health Care Act of 2017 that he helped write, which will reduce health care benefits guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act and take health care coverage away from 24 million Americans. Even though the AHCA is not supported by the
majority of Americans and, if passed, will eliminate coverage for thousands of his constituents, Mr. Walden continues to support this legislation.

On June 8, Mr. Walden voted for H.R. 10, the so-called Financial CHOICE Act of 2017. This bill amends the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, eliminating vital protections for consumers from
speculative investments by banks, removing authority from the Financial Stability Oversight Council and amending the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010. All these actions give more power to Wall Street and eliminate financial protections for American citizens.

On June 14, the Baker City Herald ran a story about Mr. Walden raising over $900,000 in campaign contributions. “Overall, the reports show Oregon donors provided less than half of Walden’s individual contributions. Political action committees ... were Walden’s most potent source of campaign money. In all, Walden reported getting $527,292 from the political committees with just one — the PGE PAC — based in Oregon.” With this much influence coming from powerful interest groups outside his district, Mr. Walden will be pressured to listen to and act on the concerns of others, not the people he was elected to represent.

Citizens of the 2nd District must continue to stay informed, voice their concerns to Mr. Walden, demand that he act in their best interests, and vote him out of office in 2018 if he continues to put special interests above the well-being of his constituency.

Gretchen Stadler

Baker City

Journet: For our children, our duty is to resist

To the Editor:

Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has been consistently incompetent and reckless while subverting democracy and the rule of law.

He’s sought to use race and religion to divide Americans against one another. He’s trying to deprive deserving Americans of health care. He would deny Americans the right to control their own bodies. He’s bombing indiscriminately and promoting suffering around the world. He’s promoting the destruction of our planet while pushing policies that favor himself and the wealthy over middle- and working-class Americans. And he’s under investigation for obstruction of justice which we know because he has boasted about it on TV and to the Russians.

I don’t know if those voting for him expected this, but he clearly telegraphed throughout his campaign that this would be his presidential behavior — no different from his corporate behavior. Maybe all this is a surprise to his voters, but he is acting precisely the way I expected. What is most amazing is that still many of those he is targeting actually still support this insanity and try to normalize it.

Reminder: the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to say nothing. For our children, our duty is to resist.

Alan Journet