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Grant Darrow, of Elgin, is a chimney sweep, local businessman and small-time rancher since the late 1970s.

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I cannot resist the fodder in the Sept. 29 Observer: “Deficit climbs to $25.3B” by Ted Sickinger of The Oregonian. When politicians put a “B” for billions and a “T” for trillions behind dollar amounts, it dilutes the subject. In this case, folks, we are taking billions. Here in Oregon.

First paragraph: “(The government) will need to drain an additional $1,400,000,000 from their projected budgets to feed the pension beast.” “Drain” means tapping every public budget in Oregon, state agencies, as well as special service districts. The pension “beast” is PERS and the public employee unions that own Oregon because they own the Democrats who control Oregon, and the budgets under attack are any and all community-based service-related entities in Oregon: schools, fire departments, etc., any entity with a public employee. Here’s the insult to injury: Oregon’s revenue was up $200,000,000 this year. And now, every household and small business in Oregon will also be tapped.

I personally know retired public employees who are today making twice the amount they made while working, and four times what they made when they first started. Democrats tend to get riled over public land allotments that generate revenue as well as resource-based economies that support rural middle income families in Oregon, but they are mum over this assault on the taxpayer. All the while adding more public employees with each new piece of legislation as we watch billions of dollars of timber resources go up in smoke.

One of the greatest economic fallacies of government, especially under progressive democratic control, is that government creates wealth. It does not. People generate wealth. Whenever progressives get their collective hinnies in the economic wringer, they look at anyone with money and go after it. They steal it by legislative force. Anyone opposed doesn’t support schools or the poor, they say.

Union County residents, as well as 31 other rural counties from here to Nevada, ldaho and Washington, did not elect the people who control their destiny. There is no leadership in Salem. These people rule by decree and subjugate its rural residents. Rural residents will now see money deducted from their paychecks for more buses in Portland.

Oregon’s current leadership, Kate of Portland, Tina of Portland and Peter of Salem, have failed to tame or control the beast. Why? Because the beast owns them, and through their myopic vision of Oregon, they only see what constitutes .04 percent of Oregon’s land mass. Oregon’s royalty has no desire nor the knights in their court with the fortitude to contain or slay the beast.

Oregon is going bankrupt, at the taxpayers’ expense.