LeBold: Oregon can influence global impact on climate change

To the Editor:

Soon the Oregon Legislature will be considering the Clean Energy Jobs bill. In a nutshell, this policy will provide a cap on pollution developed with the best science available and allow a pricing schedule that is reasonably stable and flexible through time.

The proceeds will be invested into clean energy and sustainable projects throughout all social, economic and cultural strata. A minimum of 35 percent of proceeds will be invested to reduce pollution and climate impacts experienced by low-income and rural communities, communities of color and workers in Oregon.

I urge you to become informed on this timely and important bill and then actively support it. I feel it moves Oregon and the nation toward addressing reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, which is a necessary first step if we are to provide a future climate on Earth wherein humans may thrive.

Carbon pricing has a lengthy history in Oregon dating back to 1997; therefore the current legislature has access to sufficient information and available expertise in the field to analyze this approach known as a cap and invest.

Oregon would be joining several other states in GHG reduction efforts. Knowledge gained by the states will guide development of national models for carbon pricing and resulting GHG reduction efforts. At this point in time any delay adds to the cost and difficulty of implementation necessary to achieve the required GHG reduction trajectory (another term to become familiar with: ask your senator/representative to explain the concept)

The economic studies requested by past legislatures have been completed for years and there are several regions from which to obtain empirical evidence regarding industry’s response to a carbon cap. There are currently several active lawsuits with resolutions that will require some approach to GHG emission reduction nation-wide making it difficult to assume that industries will choose to move out of state. There is always uncertainty regarding effectiveness of any legislation, but in this case the more troublesome uncertainty is how our climate responds to inaction. You must not think of this as Oregon acting alone and having little global impact but as Oregon trying to influence national efforts that will have a tremendous global impact on climate change.

It is the job of elected leaders to inform their constituents of potential threats to our way of life; unfortunately, this has not happened. I find it worrisome that they have had annual briefings on this for decades and are unwilling to start a dialog with us regarding solutions. Please take a few moments to learn about the Clean Energy Jobs bill and let your leaders know that you are holding them accountable for meaningful action on GHG emissions reduction.

Charles LeBold


Chase: Oregon’s greedy Democrats pass more tax legislation

To the Editor:

Tax, tax, tax. Our Democratic-
controlled state legislature recently voted to push another tax on the people of Oregon. This insidious tax measure is disguised as an assessment by the drafters of this measure.

Calling this tax an assessment is like putting lipstick on a pig hoping to fool the Oregon voters into thinking they’re eating beef.

This tax raiser for Medicaid is to fund abortions and open the door for a flood of free medical care for illegal migrants. It is a tax on you, the taxpayer, a tax on our health care insurance, state health care organizations, school medical insurance, college student insurance, small business, nonprofits and hospitals. But of course exempting big corporations, unions and insurance companies, and of course the State Legislature, from this tax.

It is a tax on our health care system for you and me exempting the elite. Make no mistake the costs incurred by business will be passed on to you.

The sneaky little Democrats moved the election to January when everybody is still recovering from the holidays, hoping for a low voter turnout. The Democrats who wrote this bill along with the governor were bought and paid for by accepting Medicaid campaign cash after the law passes (source: Voters Pamphlet). Tell these greedy Democrat politicians “No” and take back our health care system.

It’s too bad they couldn’t use that gas tax they passed to subsidize the alcohol producers, or the bike tax, or maybe the vehicle registration tax to prop up Medicaid for illegals? Been waiting for the Democrat-controlled legislature to start taxing toilet paper. That’s about the only thing they haven’t tried putting a tax on.

Chuck Chase

Baker City