Deschner: A letter to Gov. Kate Brown

To the Editor:

I would like to share with you this letter to Governor Brown.

Dear Kate,

It is my understanding that you are governor of the entire state of Oregon, not just Western Oregon. I live east of the Cascades, which you may think of as Idaho, but really — I’m not making this up — it is part of Oregon. Check Rand
McNally and see for
yourself. Even though many people here wear cowboy boots, we happen to be part of your universe.

We are not Idahoans, thank heavens, but it is because of them I am making this plea to you. We need a wall along our common border. I don’t care who pays for it, Oregon, Idaho or Mexico, just build it. Here’s why:

Idaho Power. Please keep them out of Oregon. Their name is not Oregon Power. That’s a clue. They are an out-of-state, for-profit, privately owned company that aggressively intends to build a self-serving high-voltage power line through Eastern Oregon with no benefits to Oregon whatsoever.

Recently the Trump administration announced intentions to fast-track offshore drilling along the Oregon coast. Your response was: “In what universe would this be okay?”

Then you continued: “Our coastal beaches are really important to Oregonians. They are very important to who we are and very important to our economy.” Replace “coastal beaches” with “wide open spaces” and you get the picture. Idaho Power doesn’t care if it desecrates Oregon’s beauty and heritage with their high-voltage power lines. B2H means we here in Eastern Oregon will see 306 miles of transmission towers and lines, just as the people living on the coast will see miles of drilling rigs.

Oil rigs, power lines: There is no difference. Your Oregon, Governor, is the same Oregon we, in the east, live in.

With your gubernatorial powers you can wall these intruders out and save Oregon. Stop the B2H project. Stop Idaho Power. They are not from our universe.

Whit Deschner

Baker City

Noteboom: Walden has failed nearly everyone

To the Editor:

Fellow District 2 constituents: I’d like to offer a summary of our Rep. Walden’s voting record. You can check it out for yourself at, a non-partisan summary of all politicians voting records. National groups assess the voting record of all members of Congress and give a score from 1 to 100: 1 percent is very bad, 60 percent is a D-, 100 percent is an A+.

The NRA and most gun rights organizations give Walden a 93 present no surprise. As is the Coalition’s Against Gun Violence score of 0 percent. Planned Parenthood gives Walden a 0 percent. Not an F, which would be 59 percent, but 0 percent. I hope you don’t have any women in your life who might need health care (abortions are only 3 percent of what PP does; the rest is general health care, mostly for women and children).

In summary, Walden has failed, according to these groups, with their scores of Walden’s voting

record: Young Women’s Christian Association: 33 percent. League of Women Voters: 17 percent. Average score from all veterans’ groups: 48 percent. Americans for Fair Taxation: 0 percent. Christian Coalition of America: 60 percent. Alliance for Retired Americans (lifetime score): 8 percent. National Farmers’ Union: 0 percent.

His labor unions scores are mostly failing. K-12 education? Mostly failing. In the category of “Children,” scored by multiple groups, Walden gets no score above 50 percent. Health insurance: fail. Health care: horrible. Foreign affairs: poor. Environment: you’re kidding, right? Immigrants? You already know how he feels about immigrants; rest assured that his voting record is consistent with his contempt for people of color.

Walden’s voting record is not good for the Earth. He has hurt veterans, children, the working class, poor folks, women, farmers, teachers (me), nurses, college students. He has helped rich gun owners and, well, the rich. Is it worth it?

If you can only vote Republican, at least find someone who better represents you. Walden has failed.

Nan Noteboom

Odell, Ore.