Darrow: Walden is Oregon’s sole conservative voice

To the Editor:

Representative Greg Walden’s voting record does speaks for itself. He is voting the way the people of the 2nd district asked him to vote when they overwhelmingly re-elected him.

I use an app on my cellphone to track the activities and votes of our elected representatives and senators at all levels of government. This program allows you to agree or disagree with the way they vote and then shows you how others feel.

I drilled down on 29 recent votes and found that the people of the 2nd district agreed with Walden’s vote 75.8 percent of the time. On individual votes where people agreed with Rep. Walden, it averaged out at 77.4 percent. The votes where they didn’t agree with him averaged 54 percent — that’s 4 percent away from a split decision. Clearly he is voting for the people of the 2nd district. Contrary to all the hype progressives are dishing out right now.

I then compared this with the voting record of Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, who represents the whole state. Merkley was bought and paid for by Chuck Schumer of New York in a very close election. The people of Oregon agreed with his votes only 27.6 percent of the time. This isn’t surprising because Merkley falls under the category of liberal, which comprises only 27.9 percent of Oregon’s voters. In Oregon, 34.8 percent of voters are considered moderate and 33.6 percent conservative. Merkley has pulled the wool over our eyes.

Oregon is currently controlled by a progressive trifecta. In other words, 27.9 percent of this state’s voters have seized control of 100 percent of the state and are subjugating the remaining 68.4 percent of Oregonians with their ideologies. Trifectas are a serious threat to democracy and our republic.

Rep. Walden is Oregon’s sole conservative voice, and he is clearly in the sights of liberal progressives across this country. Hiding? Who in their right mind would subject themselves to rude, disruptive tactics designed to intimidate and to stifle conversation. Rep. Walden isn’t hiding. He’s focused on the work of the people and simply trying to avoid the dog piles in the yard.

Grant Darrow

La Grande

Cooke: We make up our own minds about Trump

To the Editor:

Why do you say “the mainstream media is rearing its ugly head”? We the people are deciding what we think about Trump from hearing his own words in his own voice. So stop blaming the news media (in a column about freedom of the press). Blame us, the citizens, for making up our own minds!

Mary Cooke