Wixom: Dishonorable to see something wrong and say nothing

To the Editor:

It is typical of us but dishonorable to see something wrong and say nothing. It is a shame and disgrace for the city and all of us to have within the city a sign displaying unwelcome to any group. No matter how righteous the intention, if we in turn use the tactics of the bigots we despise, what does that make us?

The Nazis had their “Jews Forbidden” signs. We learn and should be ashamed of the past “‘No Italians,” “No Irish,” “No Chinese,” “No anything other” admonitions in this country. Majorities of any sort tended to accept that, thankful the sign did not apply to them.

Whether a licensed barber should be allowed to discriminate against women is questionable. It would seem an unlicensed private business, however, should be allowed to refuse service to any potential customers, logic or no logic. “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” At the same time, any and all absolutely have the right to refuse to enter a business where others are blatantly unwelcome.

Wanda Wixom

La Grande

Lathrop: Ogden has experience and vision to bring economic prosperity

To the Editor:

Ballots for voters are in the mail to an Oregon electorate that is divided, partisan and political weary. For the last few election cycles, there has been no break from politics for people to just live their lives.

Into this septic environment a true leader has stepped forward, running for the nonpartisan position of Bureau of Labor & Industries Commissioner.

Lou Ogden wants to take politics out of BOLI, to lead this department to a place where business can flourish and skilled job opportunities abound. He will begin to work to provide high school graduates an opportunity for technical training, resulting in a win-win for Oregon, bringing high skilled, higher paying jobs to an economy that is in desperate need of skilled workers.

Lou Ogden is qualified, experienced and has the vision to bring economic prosperity. What he has been doing for almost 25 years on a small scale, he can do for all of Oregon. Lou is a proven leader, supported by numerous mayors across the state, both urban and rural, and by Oregon Small Business and Farm Associations along numerous federal, state and local elected leaders.

Lou Ogden, running for BOLI Commissioner, is on the Independent, Democratic, Republican as well as the non-affiliated ballot. Everyone gets to vote on this position in the coming primary.

Vote for a proven leader, for bringing higher paying jobs for our youth, for a growing and thriving business environment. Vote for Lou Ogden for Bureau of Labor & Industries Commissioner.

Annette Lathrop


Hays: McDaniel is virtuous and dedicated

To the Editor:

I have known District Attorney Kelsie McDaniel for eight years, and I work with her frequently as a professional partner in the Criminal Justice System. Kelsie is one of the best prosecutors I have had the privilege to work with.

Kelsie is virtuous and is dedicated and energetic toward her career. She is professional and committed to providing an excellent service to our community and the professional programs that she coordinates. In my 20 years of working with people in the Criminal Justice System, Kelsie is one of the most reliable, respectful and honest professional partners I have known.

Kelsie is personable and approachable and, above all, she is a patriot! Kelsie has many duties, and I am most appreciative of her dedication to child abuse awareness, prevention and prosecution in Union County. Kelsie has always been available when I have needed her, and I have come to appreciate her extensive knowledge and experience as a district attorney and prosecutor.

Kelsie’s steadfast commitment to the citizens of Union County, her professional partners, the United States Constitution and the law is unparalleled, and I am proud to support Kelsie McDaniel for Union County District Attorney.

Jason Hays

La Grande

Gilbertson: Neahring will bring passion for health care to Congress

To the Editor:

I know Democratic candidates can connect with rural voters, because I ran two strong races for state representative in North-Central Oregon as a “fair frugal farmer” in 2002 and 2006. I am happy to see a palliative care physician, Dr. Jenni Neahring from Bend, running for Congress.

Dr. Neahring stopped by my farm near Culver recently and we had a good visit. She is passionate about expanding health care access, quality and affordability. The Affordable Health Care Act might not be perfect, but it has helped families in Eastern Oregon as much as any part of our state.

The number of Americans without health care was almost cut in half from 2010 to 2016: 48 million to 28 million. States like Oregon that chose to expand Medicaid saw the percentage of uninsured cut in half from 18 percent in 2013 to 9 percent in 2016.

Despite this, Greg Walden played a leading role gutting ACA and replacing it with “Trumpcare,” which will take away insurance from millions of Americans.

Dr. Jenni Neahring, on the other hand, wants to strengthen the Affordable Care Act that has improved the finances and health of so many rural Oregonians. She has my vote in the Democratic Primary!

Jim Gilbertson


Burton: Eckstein is better qualified to be DA

To the Editor:

When voting for someone in office, we are essentially hiring them for a job. That is why, after a thorough review of the qualifications and philosophies of both candidates for district attorney in Union County, I am voting for Laura Eckstein.

Laura has 19 years of experience in private practice, as an assistant DA in a town of 70,000+, as a judicial clerk and now as a judge. Her opponent has had eight years as an assistant and DA for two small counties.

Laura has been a part of the team in Elgin that has really improved the community in the last few years. Her opponent has had a high rate of turnover in the office she has run since she was appointed by a now disgraced, liberal governor.

Laura has the support of a broad base of the people and groups in the county while her opponent has the support of a liberal group from Portland.

Laura believes in the “broken windows” philosophy used in New York to drastically reduce crime in that city. At the candidate forum, her opponent seemed to see herself as a social worker and reformer aimed at helping the accused, rather than the victims of crimes and prosecution.

Laura has lived in Union County for as long as her opponent and shares the values of our county.

It’s time to have a DA with the best qualified resume and the DA of our choice and values. It’s time to vote Laura Eckstein Union County District Attorney.

Mike Burton

La Grande