Ebbert: I will work for American issues

To the Editor:

While attending the Democratic meeting for the 2018 candidates, I was asked what issue I was interested in. I did not feel I could adequately answer such a broad question in that setting. Here are some of the issues that I believe need addressing:

• Medicare for all: Everyone needs affordable health care. Emergency room services are not a good choice as an alternative for preventable care.

• Remove FICA cap: Social Security is expected to run out of money in 2034. Lifting the cap could secure it indefinitely.

• Kill GOP tax bill: Trickle-down economics and wealth inequality come from the same litter.

Adding a trillion dollars to our national debt in order to give corporations and the mega-rich a huge windfall tax break is unacceptable. It did not work in 1970 and it will not work now.

• Protect the air we breathe and the water we drink: Removing regulations attacks the quality of

the environment. Regulations protect the air we breathe and the water we drink. Regulations should be updated, not simply removed because they are inconvenient.

• Stop fossil fuel: Fossil fuel resource is not infinite, and the time to replace it is now. The rest of the world recognizes this and are taking steps to limit reliance on it.

• End the war on migrants: Diversity has made America rich economically, culturally, artistically and in many uncountable ways.

• Gun control is being used as a political red herring aimed at getting a specific group of people out to vote. Assault rifles are intended to kill people, and they do it well. Better weapons are available for target and sports hunting. Can you imagine an AR15 on a 1,000-yard target range or destroying an animal during hunting season? Gun control can be accomplished without stepping on anyone’s Second Amendment rights. If a survivalist includes an assault weapon in their plans, it should be locked up with their camo clothes, hand grenades and cache of survival food.

Are these “partisan issues”? No! They are American issues.

David Ebbert


Lusk: MacLeod is unwavering in commitment to Union County

To the Editor:

I am writing to ask that you make sure and exercise your right to vote in this election, and when you do, please cast your vote for Colleen MacLeod for Union County Commissioner.

I have know Colleen for more than 30 years, and I can assure you that she means what she says and does what she says she will do. She is direct and unwavering in her commitment to Union County and to the greater good for all rural residents.

Colleen has a 12-year history and experience as a previous Union County Commissioner. She was excellent then and she will be excellent again. Please get those ballots in and join me in re-electing Colleen MacLeod as Union County Commissioner.

Kathy Lusk

La Grande

Pokorney: Customer service is top priority to MacLeod

To the Editor:

I am supporting Colleen MacLeod for Position 1 on the Union County Commission

Colleen has the experience of leadership and works hard to find the right solution to issues. Colleen believes in and has a long history of supporting the local natural resource economy. Colleen is a long-time small business owner and understands the day-to-day battle of out-of-control state taxation and regulations.

In Colleen’s business world, customer service is top priority, and she will provide excellent customer service to all of Union County.

Vote for Colleen MacLeod for Union County Commissioner Position 1.

Daniel Pokorney

La Grande