Ebbert: Walden’s words don’t match his actions

Dear Editor,

Believe what they do, not what they say. Our Congressional Representative has a problem with this concept. Where has the Republican Party gone? Mr. Walden claims to be supporting rural health care issues: “working to improve health care in Oregon’s rural communities has long been a priority of mine,” but voted to make health care unaffordable for 7 million of the nation’s most vulnerable.

He also authored the bill to revoke the “Affordable Care Act,” which only failed by one partisan vote in the Senate and would have made health care unaffordable for 23 million families.

“Greg Walden applauds passage of Resilient Federal Forests Act” (Walden Press Release) but he had recently voted to slash funding for the Department of the Interior — the umbrella agency for the Department of Forestry.

Who is going to fund this “resilient forest act”? Mr. Walden states “I’ve not given up the fight for a Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced federal budget.”

At the same time he has voted for the GOP Tax Bill prepared in secret and passed through congress with only partisan support and inadequate member review. This bill puts the nation $1 trillion deeper in debt (yes, a trillion is one thousand billion dollars!), which must be paid by the taxpayers and by 2028, 83 percent of the included tax reduction will go to just 1 percent of the population.

Mr. Walden’s championing of the FCC Modernization Agreement seems to be an effort to block ‘net neutrality’ in favor of privatization. We need more information about this; does it really censor rural Oregon access to the internet?

It is past time to put some controls on this administration, whether it is refugees we have bombed out of their home, global warming being denied, threatening nuclear powers with destruction or placing tariffs on our allies. We need someone in Congress who puts on ‘big boy’ pants and is not afraid to question the administration.

David Ebbert


Howard: Walden doesn’t deserve award

Dear editor:

This week, my wife and I each received a flyer from our representative, Greg Walden. It announced that Walden had received the “2018 Champion of Health Care Award” from the American Life Sciences Innovation Council. The flyer recommends thanking Walden for “protecting Medicare.”

How, exactly, did Greg Walden receive an award like this when he actually did his damnedest to pass his own bill, intended to destroy Medicare for his entire constituency?

The American Life Sciences Innovation Council, it turns out, is an industry organization concerned with such vital health-related issues as “adequate reimbursement driven by market forces.” Almost everyone on its Board of Directors is associated with the pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Walden certainly deserves an award from this group, which is more concerned with profits than with seeing that Americans have access to the health care they need. He represents their interests very well.

They may not vote but they do pay well.

Michael Howard

La Grande