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Kenneth Parsons, 75, lives in La Grande. He is retired after working in law enforcement, farming and small business.

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I feel compelled to reply to Matt Cooper’s recent “My Voice” related to Rep. Greg Walden (“Walden rubber-stamps Trump while he ignores Oregonians”). If anyone wants to know the facts about what Greg Walden or any other elected official is doing, all one has to do is subscribe to that public servant’s newsletter.

Yes, we have a booming job market, but open borders is not the solution for employment issues. This country should allow new citizens with needed job skills to enter only by legally crossing our borders. Allowing a free flow of illegal aliens into any country is a fool’s errand. Just look across Europe and the problems they are having. If American citizens illegally cross into Mexico, they are immediately jailed. If they foolishly took any minor children with them, I’m confident the children wouldn’t be incarcerated with the adults.

By USA law, a U.S. citizen committing a felony is separated from minor children and those minor children are placed in the care of proper authorities. Why would a foreign national be treated any differently? If children from foreign nations are sleeping on mats on concrete floors and given three meals a day while living under a roof, is that not better than homeless citizens in many liberal cities on the West Coast? Many past presidents from both parties have advocated border security, but Congress has failed to supply the money. The expense to build the wall is a small price to pay for protecting our internal security and for the costs of education, law enforcement, detention, immigration courts, hospital/medical, etc. We now have a president who wants to keep his word and protect the USA.

Comments that Republicans are not willing to discuss issues are laughable. All legislators should follow their sworn duty to vote independently on what is good for the country, not just listen to their party leader.

What has Greg Walden done? He has voted for a national tax cut resulting in reducing unemployment to all-time lows, increased GNP to decade highs, fought hard alongside many Oregonians to get Dwight and Steven Hammond pardoned as well as change laws so the “Oklahoma Terrorist Legislation” can’t be inappropriately used for ranchers, and as chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee continues to investigate fraud and abuse within the opioid treatment industry.

Walden has been meeting with Eastern Oregon cattlemen regarding broadband expansion in rural areas. Just this week he is in Medford and calling for the Senate to support legislation already passed by the House as part of the farm bill. This would allow harvesting of burned dead trees while they still have value. The funds would help pay for replanting a new healthy forest for our grandkids’ generation. This common sense plan would also help with thinning and removing fuel loads so nature’s balance is returned.

“Ignoring Oregonians” does not describe our representative Greg Walden or our state representative Greg Barreto. Please get informed.