Fleshman: Four-way stop needed at intersection of Gekeler and 12th Street

To the Editor:

This letter is directed to City Manager Robert Strope.

It appears that the time for studying a traffic change at Gekeler Lane and South 12th Street is at hand, and I would appreciate you presenting the problem to those who have control over such matters.

The four-way traffic at this intersection really needs to become a four-way stop in order to give everyone an equal chance at proceeding on their way. This intersection is home to the Short Stop, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Grande Ronde Retirement Residence and Faith Lutheran Church. It has become a very busy part of south La Grande and deserves a thorough study of the growing problem at this time.

At the present, Gekeler Lane is a through street. Both Gekeler Lane and South 12th Street are busy primary passageways for people living in homes at the southern far end of those neighborhoods as well as from homes and apartments on Gekeler Lane.

A four-way stop would give everyone an equal chance to attend to business, school and other affairs without a prolonged wait for traffic on Gekeler Lane to permit cars on South 12th to proceed. It could also have a secondary effect of slowing traffic to meet the 25 mph law.

I have noticed that folks on their own are trying to ease the situation in many instances so all traffic is given an equal chance to move on, but a four-way stop would make it official and reduce the chance of an accident.

Accidents have not yet occurred simply because of the considerate folks at the wheel.

Please give my suggestion study and advance it to the proper channels in appropriate haste.

Dorothy Swart Fleshman

La Grande