When I was a young man growing up in rural Oregon, there was a term for people like me: “gun nut.”

By my 20s I had a sizable collection of firearms. Some people I knew had a “pre-64” Winchester, a rifle renowned for its quality. Or they had a Browning Auto 5, a beautiful shotgun. A friend had 10 of those in various gauges.

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Brian Sexton is a contributor to Writers on the Range, writersontherange.org, a nonprofit opinion service dedicated to spurring lively conversation about the West. He hunts, fishes and writes in rural Oregon.

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lee enfield

Mr. Sexton is what the vast majority of gun owners call a "FUDD" as in Elmer Fudd of Bugs Bunny claim. Like Elmer Fudd, Sexton only cares about being able to go hunt with his favorite wood clad rifle. His type is more than willing to have gun confiscations of modern rifles as long as he gets to keep his bunny blaster. However like most FUDDs, Sexton doesn't understand that once the gun grabbers get done confiscating modern rifles, they will be labeling his favorite hunting rifles as "sniper rifles" and his will be confiscated also.

Unfortunately the gun community has its share of people like Sexton who think freedom came from The Constitution and not from shooting Brits in the face.

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