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David Ebbert is a resident of Enterprise. He is 82 and has been retired since he was 65. Currently he is a member of the Enterprise Planning Commission and the Enterprise Landmarks Commission.

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How can the Republican Party allow this Congress to use their name to create an oppressive government? This is not the party I joined as a young man. These De-Republicans hide from the people who elected them and have no town halls because their voting records cannot be justified. These De-Republicans are bought and paid for by corporate dollars and ignore the voting public.

Wealth inequality has been exacerbated by congressional actions in the name of trickle-down economics. Trickle-down economics is pure greed. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. The end of net neutrality is another facet of economic inequality. The largest customers get the best service.

The U.S. is putting up border walls and obstructing established procedures to keep out refugees fleeing from bombs and death threats and seeking refuge and asylum here. Presently there are more than six million refugees without a country. This is a humanitarian crisis. Human rights are a cornerstone of the American ideal. We should be offering haven where we can.

Congress was not responsible for separating refugee parents and children — that was the administration. Deporting parents without their children and no means to reunite them is the same as state-sponsored kidnapping. This separation of families is a national disgrace. The prioritizing and reunification of all families must default to our Congress.

Cabinet Secretaries must be qualified in the discipline of their department. Unqualified directors detract from department functions. The Education Secretary intends to convert public education to for-profit schools, providing expanded profit centers for her investments. The prison system has become a for-profit facility with the more incarcerated the greater the profit. The Environmental Protection Agency is being stripped of its regulatory mandate by a Secretary who uses it as his personal piggy bank, has repeatedly sued it and whose stated goal is to end the entire Agency. “Good ol’ boys” are rarely the best choice to run the government.

Government spending is out of control. The government is over-spent by trillions of dollars, providing corporations and the super rich with a huge windfall tax break. Instead of saddling the taxpayers with a huge tax bill, Congress needs to show some fiscal responsibility and create a balanced budget.

Congress failed to respond appropriately to attacks by Russia on our electoral system. This attack is every bit as dangerous to America as the 9/11 attack on the trade towers. Congress passed a bill, over the objection of the president, with 98 percent of the entire Congress requiring him to place sanctions against Russia in response to their attack on our 2016 election. Months after the deadline for doing so, he did place sanctions. These amounted to restricting from entering or establishing bank accounts in the U.S. the same Russian individuals and firms previously indicted by Prosecutor Mueller. These people would have no desire to visit the U.S. This is hardly an “appropriate” sanction.

The courts are being stacked with judges whose far-right ideology supports voter suppression and gerrymandering. Whether it is changing polling places, difficult identification requirements or being removed from the voter register — voter suppression is real. What has happened to the concept of “one man, one vote”?

Did the De-Republicans create all of these attacks on our values? No, not really. The administration has created a lot of it.

Did the DC-Republicans resist these attacks by the president on our Democracy? No, and they are complicit with this president and his administration.

These actions do not reflect American values. If this Congress cannot protect American values, why are they there?

If it can happen to one, it can happen to all. If you believe in America, you must vote.