There is no more better example of what a community can do when it cooperates than the nearly complete field renovations and turf installation at Optimist Field and Trice Community Field at Pioneer Park.

The dual projects were the result of a cooperative effort between the La Grande School District, Eastern Oregon University and the city of La Grande, not to mention many volunteers.

The new fields will be state-of-the-art and will provide a viable platform for La Grande baseball and softball, Eastern Oregon University and Little League programs.

At first glance that would be enough of a shot in the arm in terms of community involvement but what really shines in this case is the way different organizations chipped in to help.

That is not as common as many of us would like to believe. We live in a fractured world now, and getting people to unite toward a common goal can seem a difficult challenge under the best of circumstances.

But La Grande isn’t just anywhere. Never has been. There is a deep, in-grown quality about the people in the town where helping out and achieving goals is a common attribute.

There is a tendency to forget that at times. The recent controversy over COVID-19 immunizations and mask usage is a good example of what can appear to be a community at odds with itself.

Yet that isn’t really the case. The people who have expressed their views about COVID-19 — either in public forums or individually — are simply exercising their fundamental constitutional right to have their voices heard.

That’s America, and what is also very America is a group of townspeople and organizations coming together to add a new feature to our lives.

There is a lot of praise to go around regarding the field renovations and turf installation at Optimistic Field and Trice Community Field but we know the people and agencies involved in this venture were not seeking acclaim. They were doing what good people do: Trying to fix a problem through a cooperative effort.

In this case their work paid off. Not only for themselves but for the entire community.

They deserve to be lauded.

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