It is time for potential gubernatorial candidate Nick Kristof to abandon his attempt to be placed on the 2022 ballot and set his sights on the next election.

Last week, Kristof, a former New York Times columnist, filed a petition with the Oregon Supreme Court, seeking the justices overturn a decision by Secretary of State Shemia Fagan that he didn’t meet the requirements to be on the ballot.

State election officials determined Kristof did not meet the requirement that a candidate must be a resident for three years in the state to run for governor.

Kristof failed to meet the state requirement in other ways, state election officials determined. He voted in New York — where he owns a home — in the November 2020 general election, kept a New York driver’s license through December 2020 and paid state taxes past the deadline for a 2022 gubernatorial candidate to create residency in Oregon.

Kristof does own a home in Yamhill, and he’s stated he has always considered Oregon his home. But Kristof has spent most of his time in New York — or abroad as part of his work for the Times — and couldn’t put together a convincing enough argument to Fagan or election officials to grant him the opportunity to run for governor.

Kristof’s legal team asserts that Fagan’s move was based on a “novel and untested legal theory” that the former columnist doesn’t meet the state residence standard.

Last week, Fagan said members of the state Elections Division told her disqualifying Kristof “wasn’t even a close call.”

Clearly any voter can and should utilize the legal system to redress a grievance, but it is hard to understand what someone who has not lived in the state long enough to be qualified to run for governor is trying to accomplish. Of course, the easy and obvious answer is Kristof wants on the ballot. That’s understandable. Visiting during the summers, though, doesn’t count as residency. Swinging into home for a few days or a week doesn’t qualify either.

Kristof deserves a lot of credit for his determination and his willingness to be part of the electoral process. Especially in the current American political climate, anyone who chooses to run for office should be lauded.

However, it is time to move on. Kristof should set his sights on the next gubernatorial election and put down firm roots in Oregon.

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