Vintage old gasoline pump and oil dispenser

Vintage old gasoline pump and oil dispenser

Revenue to pay for roads and bridges fell off the same COVID-19 cliff that everything else did.

Oregon’s 36 cents per gallon fuel tax was causing problems before the pandemic as cars become more fuel efficient.

And then try to pay for roads with a fuel tax when everybody is pretty much staying home.

The Oregon Department of Transportation is trying to get Oregonians in on the conversation to fix it. It’s holding an open house — online during the pandemic.

You should know or may already know that what’s more than likely coming is a pay-by-the-mile tax for everybody.

A gizmo in your car will send mileage and fuel data to the state. The driver gets billed, less any fuel taxes paid at the pump. Roads get money.

The system, called OReGO, is already running. ODOT wants more people to participate to help improve it.

You can go to to learn more, ask questions and tell ODOT what you think.

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