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MacLeod: Repairing Morrison’s misconceptions

To the Editor:

Regarding Anne Morrison’s letter to the editor on Aug. 21 outlining her desire for new federal representation: Clearly her blue state concerns are not being met by the entire rest of the Oregon delegation, so all would be set right by replacing Representative Greg Walden, the only Republican remaining.

She did provide a few misconceptions that need repair.

Her call to staff regarding whether Rep. Walden would be in La Grande during the break was correctly answered that no, he was scheduled for La Grande in September. She mistakenly reported that he would not be anywhere in the district. He was, in fact, elsewhere in the district. It’s a big district. The largest in Oregon.

Her claim that “it has taken protests and pressure from across his entire district just to get Walden to visit his constituents” is best addressed by the 147 public meetings the representative has held in the last few years.

It may come as a surprise to her that Rep. Walden does have supporters statewide and a gathering to support him in the Portland area is logical. The loss of our energy and natural resource capabilities impacts the entire state. Those are issues that Greg Walden has spent his career trying to repair. There will certainly be opportunities for her to attend and show support on the east side as well. Meetings are held at all times, publicized and well attended.

I urge people of the Second District to remember the disastrous results of replacing Sen. Gordon Smith with “new representation.” If you desire representation by just another politician who has lost the part of their map that covers rural Oregon, who visits less than infrequently and in an “all hat no cattle” move has staff to let him know which brief stops require him to put on cowboy boots to identify with constituents — then that is the risk you take.

Colleen MacLeod


Hazen: Travelers were blessed by the community

To the Editor:

My wife and I are grateful to God for how he used the community of La Grande to bless us recently.

Aug. 18 at midday as we approached La Grande on Interstate 84, our vehicle suffered a severely punctured fuel tank forcing our immediate exit into
La Grande. Calling 911 led to immediate response by both La Grande’s fire and police departments and their work to mop up the fuel and advise us regarding towing and repairs. The demeanor of their staff could not have been more kind, pleasant, helpful and encouraging, as was that of the beauty shop operator who immediately came out of her shop offering us every aspect of her facility for our need and comfort.

We were towed by Goss Motors to their repair shop, where we were treated with utmost courtesy. Their car rentals were fully booked for that eclipse weekend, but their car rental manager “bent over backward” to rearrange some of their rentals thus freeing up a car for us. Their repair service staff could not have been more helpful.

When we returned from Idaho the following Wednesday, our vehicle was fully repaired, whereas I had anticipated that repairs would take longer. Our circumstances had allowed little choice regarding repairs and rental, so we were prepared to be content paying whatever amount Goss Motors would charge. When presented with bills for both rental and repairs, we were startled, delighted and grateful they totalled about half of what I had anticipated.

It had been about 25 years since we last visited La Grande, and our memories of which had always been pleasant. This episode last month was a powerful reinforcement of those happy recollections. La Grande’s residents are blessed to be part of the community we experienced.

C. Hazen

Redmond, Washington

Vigil: Trump’s EPA is dedicated to destruction

To the Editor:

Should the EPA become the Environmental Pollution Agency or remain the Environmental Protection Agency? Do we really care about human and environmental health or not?

These are questions our federal representatives face. The Trump administration and Republicans in D.C. are promoting the pro-Pollution alternative.

Trumps’ 2018 budget proposes cutting EPA funding by 30 percent and staff by 20 percent. It also proposes compromising the air we breathe and the water we drink by cutting 50 programs that protect these essential resources.

Meanwhile, the GOP-controlled Congress plans to adjust EPA policy so that regulations become the cheapest for corporations rather than the best for protecting public and environmental health. The GOP also plans to instruct agencies to prioritize the interests of industry (meaning profits and greed) over protection of consumers and workers.

Amazingly, Trump and the congressional cabal of integrity-challenged and self-esteem-lacking representatives are dedicated to the destruction of human and environmental health and the promotion of short-term profits and greed.

It’s not clear what Trump and congressional representatives think they and their families will breath or drink in the future. Paradoxically, they seem intent on poisoning their own families, all for short-term profits.

Trisha Vigil