Pokorney: Taxing and spending is ruining our beautiful Oregon

To the Editor:

I love Oregon. More accurately, I love the Oregon that I came to 44 years ago. What concerns me now is that the idea of working together to find solutions is being derailed.

The extremely liberal Governor Kate Brown, and the one-sided control of the Oregon Legislature by very liberal Democrats for many years, makes working together impossible. The liberal Democrats get elected by passing laws that “give away the store” to a segment of the voters. That segment of voters in turn vote for the continuation of those giveaways. Mandatory paid sick leave, support for illegal aliens and the predictable influx of the homeless problem are contributing to the bankruptcy of Oregon.

Please inform yourself of the issues in Oregon and ask yourself if this is the correct way to run a state with varied viewpoints and ideas. Governor Kate Brown must not be re-elected. One-party rule is not sustainable and out-of-control taxing and spending is ruining our beautiful Oregon.

Daniel Pokorney

La Grande

Franklin: Electoral College is the fairest vote for America

To the Editor:

Several people have graced the editorial pages this year advocating for a popular vote to select our president.

Let’s be honest. If Hillary Clinton had won the election, none of these letters would have been submitted. The “popular vote” mantra has become the collective whine of people who refuse to accept the result of a fair election in a representative democracy.

Hillary did not win a popular vote because a popular vote was never in play. Both campaign strategies were based on the electoral vote. We will never know who would have won if the popular vote determined the victor.

Here is a football metaphor. In a hypothetical Civil War, Oregon prevails 28-24. Ducks won, right?

Disgruntled Beaver fans say Oregon’s win is tainted because OSU had more first downs and more yardage. To which Duck fans would properly reply, “If the game were decided by first downs and yardage the play calling would have been different.”

Our founding fathers understood the tyranny of the majority. That’s why we are a representative democracy. That’s why we have the Electoral College. That’s why every state has two senators regardless of population.

The Electoral College is the fairest vote for America. Otherwise, the flyover states are ruled forever by liberal coastal elites. Our founding fathers were brilliant in ensuring fair representation for our country.

Greg Franklin


Wilcoxson: After Las Vegas, focus misses real problems

To the Editor:

Last year, more than 52,000 people died from drug overdoses. 3,000 babies were murdered yesterday, that’s well over a million a year. None of those deaths involved the use of a firearm.

After the great massacre in Las Vegas, for which no motive has yet to be established, we mourn the tragic loss of 57 lives (excluding the gunman) as well we should. We should also accept the fact that evil needs no motive.

But we somehow blur our focus on the elephant in the room because it feels beyond our control and too large a problem. It overwhelms us.

There are more than 300 million guns in this country. Most are owned by law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who lawfully possess a firearm. So why are we focusing in on them?

I believe it’s due to fear. Democrats fear gun owners because of the power they possess of retaliation and overthrow of a tyrannical government. Our forefathers saw this reality and possessing great wisdom and having experienced a tyrannical government, they included our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Probably to protect our First Amendment right as well.

So all that being said, there is always a looming fear of a militia’s shadow hovering in the background of anyone or any party becoming too powerful and dictating our freedoms, or rather limiting them.

I think we need to become more God-controlled verses gun-controlled. If we feared, respected and obeyed God’s laws and learned to truly love one another, the need for 3,000 innocent lives being taken daily would end. The need for mind-altering drugs would decline and gun control wouldn’t even be a topic for conversation. Think of the lives that could be saved.

Thomas Wilcoxson

Baker City

Johnson: GRH offers quality health care without travel

To the Editor:

What a blessing we have with Grande Ronde Hospital. Earlier this year, I needed some minor surgeries that kept me from working. I applied for financial assistance from GRH to cover my medical expenses with them.

GRH forgave all of my uncovered medical expenses. Not only did I receive excellent care by Dr. Donald Warren and the GRH staff, but it was done at no cost to me.

I pray that the La Grande community realizes what a blessing this hospital is to us. GRH is providing excellent medical care, so people don’t have to travel out of town. Thank you, GRH, for giving me this gift of health and hope for a better life. And thank you to all the wonderful people who work at GRH, working for all of us.

Lane Johnson