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Girard: Union can’t afford to lose its library

To the Editor:

I ask the community and citizens of Union to take a moment before you cast your ballot on the upcoming Library Tax 31-95.

I realize this may seem like an expense that might be hard to justify, but consider that in our small community our library is one of the few places open and available for services to its citizens. Numerous times I have been in the library and seen a child walk in and ask to use the phone to call home or have observed both young and old citizens on the library computers.

Our library has the ability through the Sage system to access many participating libraries as a pooled resource. If our local library does not have what you’re needing and a Sage Library does, simply place a hold for that book or resource material and you will be notified when it arrives. It is a great system and one I utilize often.

Bottom line: We can’t afford to lose our library or have a reduction in services. Our library and staff have provided our town a great level of service, and I value what this offers our community.

A library offers more than just books — it creates hope and inspires imagination, and all at no charge. Please approve the Library Tax 31-95. The library is worth the expense.

Mark Girard


Boever: Who protects the individual?

To the Editor:

I get it. Republicans want to limit government overreach and they want to limit corporate regulations. Both of which limit corporate profits and ability to hire employees, according to their logic.

Can the -Republicans please tell me where do I go, as an individual, to protect myself from a corporation that injures me either physically, financially or in the quality of my life by polluting the air that I breath or polluting my drinking water?

Republicans do not believe that it is the government’s role to protect my environment. They don’t believe it’s the government’s role to regulate corporations. They don’t believe it is the government’s role to protect the individual from corporate wrong-doing. So where do I go as an individual when a corporation injures me? And now the Republican Senate and Vice President Mike Pence have taken away the judicial path for my protections.

Republicans, please tell me, where does the individual seek retribution for corporate wrongdoing? How are companies punished for their bad behavior and their crimes? Do we start locking corporate executives away in real prisons? You are quick to punish individuals for their bad behavior with “law and order.”

Where is the “law and order” for corporate bad behavior? Think BP oil disaster, fake accounts opened by Wells Fargo, the subprime mortgage crisis, red-lining by banks, insurance companies refusing pay-outs to their customers, etc.

Nancy Boever


Guffey: Embarrassed by President Donald Trump

To the Editor:

I’ve rarely been ashamed by the actions of the president of the United States. I’ve been pleased with some, not so much with others. Some were simply not up to the task, some made poor decisions, most tried to raised this nation up, and all showed some degree of grace, dignity and honor.

I expect and want the president to lie about some issues. But there has never been any doubt in my mind they knew the difference between a lie and reality.

Today, this is not the case. After almost a year in office, Donald J. Trump lies about everything, inconsequential things. Even when confronted with the truth he claims “fake news” or needlessly attacks others. He is an embarrassment.

For the first time ever I am ashamed and embarrassed by America’s president, his lack of leadership and his role in the world.

Too many Republicans stand mute, and by their silence show they support the party first and the nation second. Citizens be damned.

So sad. Too bad.

Jim Guffey