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Wiseman: New dog park is much appreciated

To the Editor:

We wish to offer a sincere and hearty thank you to La Grande Parks and Recreation for the beautiful dog park at Riverside Park. We use it on a daily basis, and the folks we visit with there also express their appreciation for the facility. We know many individuals and those involved in city government had a hand in this development. A kind thank you to everyone.

Jim and Joanne Wiseman

La Grande

Roberts: A prayer for the Thanksgiving season

To the Editor:

Thanksgiving time is almost here. A time to give the praise to our loving, gracious heavenly father for all he has done for us. He never fails to provide our needs as we need it and answer our prayers. What an awesome God we serve.

My prayer this Thanksgiving is that our heavenly Father be with each of you and bless you this Thanksgiving.

Janie Roberts

La Grande

McCracken: Funding would help defray cost of Halloween

To the Editor:

Between the Mardell Center Haunted House and Adams Avenue businesses, Halloween has become a unique community event drawing from across the county. It is safe, social and great fun for all ages. In fact, La Grande Halloween has become my favorite downtown gathering. It’s a parade of fanciful creativity, self-expression, respectful interactions and sweet treats for all ages.

This year Adams Avenue businesses saw about 1,500 trick-or-treaters. Perhaps it’s time for some funding to be distributed among business owners to help defray expenses. Fourth of July fireworks wouldn’t happen without community funding. Could a Halloween fundraiser be organized by a city or county organization? Many homeowners have fewer goblins at their doors with the growth of Halloween on Adams. They could contribute, get a Halloween door hanger and perhaps come join in the fun.

Mary McCracken

Island City

Hanley: An homage to the American flag

To the Editor:

I want to reprint this homage to the American flag from the Boy Scouts of America pamphlet, “Your Flag.”

“A flag is much more than just a “light cloth floating in the wind.” A flag is an honored symbol of a nation’s unity, its hopes, achievements, glory and high resolve.

“The flag of the United States of America is such a symbol ... of freedoms bravely fought for and hardily won ... of protection under the constitution of the rights and privileges of all Americans ... of promises of fulfillment of all their hopes and principles and ideas. It is also a symbol of the duty of all its citizens to serve in time of need, to speak out for what each considers right, and to help correct under the law that which is honestly believed to be wrong.

“Throughout the ages man has developed character, courage and strength by devotion to the symbols he believed in. That is the heritage left to us.”

Bill Hanley

Baker City