Cooke: Developing countries need prenatal care, birth control

To the Editor:

Early in 2017, President Trump and the GOP cut aid for birth control in developing countries. This also cut prenatal care to remote rural areas.

A mother often tills her soil to feed the family. She carries water a long way and cooks food that takes time and experience to prepare. A mother who is pregnant too soon cannot care for the little children she has. Lack of prenatal care may cause maternal illness and death. Children are misplaced and neglected.

Please ask the president and elected officials to restore the funds for birth control.

Mary Cooke


Simpson: Join La Grande’s Women’s March on Jan. 20

To the Editor:

Thanks to encouragement from many people, the Union County Progressives registered to host the 2018 Women’s March on Saturday, Jan. 20, in La Grande. Women, men, babies and children will meet for the Women March for Truth and Justice at the County Office, 1001 Fourth St., where we gathered last year.

Our march is part of the national weekend of Women’s March events. Taking part is very exciting. In 2017, 300 people were counted at the La Grande’s Women’s March and it was an amazing sight. We are ready to make this an annual event.

From the Women’s March to the Women’s Convention, we’ve seen how powerful we are when we gather together, share space and lift one another up.

While the official Women’s March anniversary event will take place in Nevada, Women’s March Chapters are organizing exciting state-specific events throughout the anniversary weekend, from marches to legislative actions to community events to voter registration drives. On Jan. 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 2018 Women’s March agenda: #PowerToThe Polls is being launched.

Together, we will show this administration that women are not backing down.

Join Union County Progressives in La Grande for the first anniversary of the Women’s March Jan. 20 at 12:30 p.m. at 1001 Fourth Street, La Grande.

And take advantage of the march’s starting place by dropping off your ballot with a YES vote on Measure 101.

Cheryl Simpson

Coordinating Council,
Union County Progressives

La Grande