Sherman: If you want your voice to be heard, vote for Scarfo

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to endorse Matt Scarfo for Union County Commissioner. A county commissioner needs to put the interests of the citizens first. This position is elected to make good decisions for our county including financial investments and growing existing businesses.

I have worked with Matt for many years in a variety of business partnerships and community events. Matt is passionate about Union County and the people who live here. His degree, small business experience and level head will help him make good decisions for Union County. He is a good listener who truly cares about what is important to all the voters.

Matt is young and energetic — he is committed to Union County for the long haul. He wants to see our local businesses grow and our communities thrive. After many conversations with Matt, I know he will bring honesty and integrity to this position. Matt will be dedicated to Union County, taking the time needed to work with other government officials and committees to see our community succeed.

If you want your voice to be heard, I encourage you to vote for Matt Scarfo for Union County Commissioner.

Tiffany Sherman

Island City

Thomas: Crary will answer your call

To the Editor:

The primary election is approaching fast. It is time to elect Jim Crary to represent Oregon Congressional District 2.

Jim’s campaign is 100 percent funded by individual donations — no PACS, corporations or special interests. He has signed the Candidates with a Contract (he helped write it), focusing on combating corruption in politics and campaign finance reform. He is the only Oregon candidate to have signed this.

Jim has also signed the No NRA Money pledge — again, the only Oregon candidate to sign this pledge. And, he has signed the OFF Fossil Fuels Act pledge, HR3671, introduced by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii). He is one of 121 candidates who have signed this pledge. Jim has received a Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action Gun Sense. He is endorsed by Mayor Embanks of Madras and Manuel Gutierrez, Hermiston City Councilor and member of Hispanic Advisory Committee.

Jim’s website — — is loaded with answers to your questions. He is also available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @crary4congress.

Jim is approachable and friendly. He has crisscrossed our District 2 steadily for the last two years. He has been knocking on constituent doors in every part of CD2. Holding town hall discussions and neighbor meetings. Jim loves talking to people. And he answers his phone when you call. He returns phone calls. He has promised that when he gets to Washington, he will personally answer his phone at least five hours a week. Cool!

With Jim Crary as our CD2 Representative, we won’t have to stand on the corner and ask: Where’s Walden?

Barbara “BJ” Thomas


Baum: McDaniel has experience, honesty and integrity

To the Editor:

Having practiced law in Union County for more than four decades, I am concerned about the district attorney’s race. I urge you to vote for Kelsie McDaniel for Union County District Attorney.

Since her admission to the Oregon State Bar in 2008, Kelsie McDaniel has been a prosecutor. She first worked in the Morrow County District Attorney’s Office. In 2010, she then moved to the DA’s office in Union County. District Attorney McDaniel has based her campaign on experience, honesty and integrity. I can personally attest she has these attributes.

District Attorney McDaniel’s opponent, Laura Eckstein, does not have the qualifications or integrity to be Union County District Attorney. Eckstein was licensed in Oregon approximately 90 days ago and has never tried a case in this state.

In March 2013, Eckstein, under a previous name of Laura Edwards, was disciplined by the Supreme Court of Arizona and reprimanded with a two-year probation for her conduct with nine client trust accounts.

Lawyers’ trust accounts are required to be kept with proper maintenance and adequate records to protect the interests of their clients. Nine individual client ledgers of Eckstein indicated a negative balance and were improperly maintained. Eckstein could not explain to the Supreme Court of Arizona the exact cause of overdrafts on her clients’ trust accounts.

After the investigation, the State Bar of Arizona and Eckstein agreed that she failed to keep her client funds apart from her own personal and business records; that her conduct violated her fiduciary duty to her clients; that she was negligent in dealing with client property; and that she caused injury or potential injury to a client.

Additionally, and most egregiously, the State Bar of Arizona and Eckstein agreed she had a pattern of misconduct because of her mismanagement of her trust account involving several clients over a sustained period of time.

We do not want someone like Eckstein, with this troubling history and lack of experience in Oregon, to be responsible for the Union County District Attorney’s Office.

Please consider these facts and vote for Kelsie McDaniel for Union County District Attorney.

David Baum

La Grande

Tuttle: White would be committed fighter in Congress

To the Editor:

Tim White is the Democrats’ best chance to unseat nine-term incumbent Congressman Greg Walden in the 2nd District. Democrats continue to serve up candidates who do not appeal to the constituents in the district and who then get slaughtered in the general election. The last 20 years of Republican electoral landslides in this district are proof that this strategy is a loser.

Tim’s mettle and negotiating skills, forged at Chrysler Corporation, give him the gravitas none of the other Democratic candidates possess. The complexities and pressures of working for a major multinational company developed in Tim a practical, no-nonsense approach to problem solving. This experience is unique among all Democratic contenders.

Folks want a robust economy and an affordable health care system. They want decent schools, a clean environment and a representative who works for THEM, not for special interests.

These are not “Republican” or “Democrat” issues — just real problems faced by ordinary people every day.

Unlike our current incumbent, Tim is not a career politician. He is a committed fighter who wants to protect our environment and enhance the lives of all constituents.

Rich Tuttle