Tibbetts: McDaniel is worthy of re-election

To the Editor:

As with most elections, we have decisions to make. The one for Union County District Attorney is pretty straightforward. Our current district attorney, Kelsie McDaniel, is seeking re-election and she has certainly earned it.

I have worked professionally with Kelsie since her arrival in Union County. I have interacted with her in countless settings. The way she has campaigned for re-election is exactly how she does her job: passionately, forthrightly, with determination and class. I’ve read many endorsements for her from community leaders and those who have had the good fortune of working with her. They are all squarely on the mark.

Kelsie knows her job, partners well and works hard to protect our communities and the values we have. Re-elections are very much like a workplace performance evaluation. Let’s send a clear message to Kelsie that she has done a great job as our district attorney by re-electing her to the job that she has done so well. I urge you to vote for Kelsie McDaniel.

Robert Tibbetts

La Grande

Cant: Anderes is the definition of a servant leader

To the Editor:

It is rare circumstances that cause us to be moved to express in public forums our viewpoints on politics or even certain political figures. In this rare case, my wife and I have deep stirring emotions to support a candidate for Union County Commissioner. We are thankful for a democratic process where capable candidates risk many personal and private rights to serve as public officials.

Here in Union County we have four candidates willing to vie for two positions of county commissioner. I write specifically about Paul Anderes who has the background, drive, ability and reasoning to be a leader to help Union County residents prosper. We have chosen to live in the county we were raised and feel fortunate to raise our young family within this valley that has provided so much for us and many others. Paul and his family have been our mentors, supporters, friends and fellow dreamers who help us build our lives. We know the kind of support Paul shows in our daily life mirrors the genuine motivation he carries in running for county commissioner.

Paul Anderes is concerned about economic growth, sustainable communities, supporting and growing our own industries and professionals, and doing whatever he can to keep local money working for local families. He has background in business, agriculture, government, natural resources, civic volunteerism and leadership development. He has successfully hosted state-wide conventions for FFA in La Grande in 1997 and 2009, which were an economic stimulus to the local economy and brought new visitors to the region.

Paul Anderes has no hidden agenda. He is just a man who deeply cares and is stepping up to work for each person in this county regardless of viewpoint. He is truly the definition of a servant leader. He will listen, discuss and make decisions that will better our lives. We ask you to vote for the future of our county. Vote Paul Anderes.

J.D. and Audrey Cant


Journet: We’ve seen this movie before

To the Editor:

When lies become the basis for U.S. foreign policy, the world is in danger; yet alternative facts are exactly what guide our current president.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo all confirmed that Iran is complying with the international Iran Deal. Meanwhile, to justify his long-promised U.S. withdrawal, Trump trotted out lies about evidence that Iran was breaking the agreement. Claiming that the Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu provided convincing evidence of a current Iranian breach when all he offered was the hyped-up warmed-over claim of a well-known previous effort by Iran to gain nuclear capability, Trump withdrew from an effective and functioning deal arranged by this country and several international partners.

The neocon war-monger John Bolton has successfully brought back into a gullible White House the lies he pushed to get us into the Bush era Iraq travesty.

Words have meaning and consequences. As this president lies time and again, the credibility of our nation sinks lower and threats to global peace and our collective futures rise.

Defending this president or running as a Trumpist for any office means being an enabler of this incompetence.

Alan Journet